Elected Officers

Extended Duties of Elected Officers, Membership

Chair - Membership duties shall be to recruit new members, promote HPCMLA and MLA membership, and welcome new members.

Treasurer, Annual Membership - The duties shall be to oversee all membership activities which include sending timely renewal reminders to the membership, collecting annual membership forms and dues, notifying the Chapterís Electronic Mail Account Owner of any membership changes to the Chapterís listserv (new members and discontinued members) and the Web site Editor so that the online directory may be updated, and serving as Chapter Representative on the MLA Membership Committee.

Appointed Officers

Appointed Officers and Terms of Office

Appointed Officers of the Chapter shall be the Archivist, Web site Editor, and Electronic Mail Account Owner. The terms of office for all appointed officials are indefinite unless they resign, die, become incapacitated, or are removed. The appointment is made by the Chair.

Duties of Appointed Officers

Archivist - The duties of the appointed Archivist shall be to collect, organize, properly house, care for, and transport as necessary any historical records and artifacts of the Chapter, maintain archival supplies as needed, act as the liaison between the Chapter, the Chapterís Archives, and the institution used to permanently store the Chapterís Archives.

Web site Editor - The duties of the appointed Web Site Editor shall be to keep the Chapterís Web site information, photos, online Membership Directory, and New Officers list updated and current, resolve any access problems to the Chapterís Site, act as the liaison between the Chapter and MLA Headquarterís IT Web support for any Web site problems and issues.

Electronic Mail Account Owner - The duties of the Electronic Mail Account Owner shall be to maintain the Chapterís electronic mail contact information for all incoming and outgoing Chapter members on an annual basis upon notification from the the Treasurer.

Duties and Functions of the Standing Committees

Nominating & Elections Committee - - Consists of three (3) members appointed by the Chair for staggered 3 year terms (one new committee member appointed each year). The most senior member acts as Chair. Responsible for finding nominees for offices to be filled, creating and mailing (emailing) the ballots, collating the results, immediately publishing a list of New Officers and submitting copies to the Secretary in time for the Chapterís Annual Meeting and Web site Editor for Web site content changes, and announcing the results of the election.

Bylaws Committee Ė Consists of one (1) member appointed by the Chair for a one (1) year term. Responsibilities include: assuring that HPCMLA Bylaws are in accordance with MLA Bylaws, considering, preparing, and presenting proposed changes to the Bylaws to the HPCMLA Executive Committee and to MLA for approval.

Continuing Education Committee Ė Consists of the Immediate Past Chair for a one (1) year term. Responsibility is to make all arrangements for at least 1 Continuing Education (CE) opportunity each year. The Chair of the Continuing Education Committee serves as the Chapter Representative on the MLA Continuing Education Committee.

Credentialing Committee Liaison Ė Consists of one (1) member of the HPCMLA, who is an AHIP member, for a three (3) year term. Promotes AHIP membership within HPCMLA. Serves as Chapter Representative on the MLA Credentialing Committee.

PREPARED: January 2010; UPDATED: April 2016